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Okay so this might not be what you think... It's not Scully in bondage gear or tight leather pants but Scully in Mulder's old black leather jacket from high school. Somehow she agreed to dress up as a bad-ass biker chick. She even painted her nails and lips bright red, put on a bandana and let me cut up a pair of old jeans shorts. Don't let the 5'4", 105 lbs petite frame fool you... she's got twice the kick of a Harley Davidson. (and she just rolled her eyes at me) Thanks again to all the people who leave the nice messages; we read every single one. We especially like to hear from couples that might want to exchange pictures. Hope you all enjoy! (our apologies to all the REAL biker chicks out there)

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Thirdnew contribution of my lady, Cecillia. We have enjoyed voy-zone and voy-zone. At the end of February we made our first contis to voy-zone.We were overwhelmed with the mostly positive comments. We will have a number of postings on voy-zone in the weeks to come. Cecillia is 25 years old and a mother of a 4 year old. She is a classy, sassy and wonderful sexy lady. She has agreed to contribute due to the wonderful responses. She really enjoys modeling and making love. ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS; 1) YES HER NAME HAS TWO "L's" NOT ONE "L", 2) SHE IS FROM COLOMBIA, 3)SHE HASLIVED IN COLOMBIA, EUROPE AND SOUTHERN FLORIDA 4) YES, SHE HAD A "C-SECTION", 5) YES, SHE HAS DONE PROFESSIONAL MODELING FOR VARIOUS CLOTHING LINESIN EUROPE, SO YOU MAY HAVE SEEN HER IN MAGAZINES IF YOU HAVE BEEN TO EUROPE OR SOUTH AMERICA. Your positive comments will be welcomed. GRACIAS

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