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Hi again. These are some nature pics taken around our farm a few weeks ago. I love these softcore pics that Forest is taking these days. I've created a special site for those of you that prefer the gentler side of my nature - do come over. There is a lot of heat right now around posting pics in relation to PA sites. I want to say that I have been posting here and on voy-zone for over three years and the reason I created a PA site was not to make money but to share with you a little more of the whole person that lies behind the 10 pic sets - if that doesn't mean anything to you it's fine by me but I know there are quite a few people who do appreciate it. Anyway, best wishes to all and especially to the naturist team and Sailor - who have brought so much fun and beauty into out lives. xxx

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Okay guys, I (Melissa) am writing this time for my final contribution to naturist. My bf, Brian, has done the posting thus far and I think it's about time I chimed in. I've read all of your comments on my previous posts and some of them got me >really< turned on :). Just to answer the one viewer's question, yes, I love the fact that guys all over the world are naked and stroking themselves looking at my pictures :). It's flattering and a big turn on. One viewer mentioned that he shot over a foot looking at my last set of pics - what's a girl to do? :) Let's make this last post the best yet with more comments from all of the great fans of nudist! :)

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