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Hi Kate, Jerry, Crew and all you voy-zonebers!! Thank you all for the comments on my Hawaii contri. Watching the contris for the last month or so I have noticed that things have been getting a little hot in here. Thanks Kate, I can finally send WFIs again, just for you of course!!! *EG* Right before my trip our camera broke right in the middle of a friend's wedding. Jme used it as the perfect excuse to get the new Canon he has been drooling over. Itis very cool and takes great pictures, but with interchangeable lenses, and tons of features our Olympus didnit have, it's taking forever to learn how to use, LOL. The good thing about that is a lot of new pictures! Some of them pretty good, hehe. These were from an afternoon of "practice" with me in a sheer nightie and a sexy pair of 'stripper' heels. Oh yeah, and those damn tanlines from my vacation that I can't get rid of, LOL. If only my regular shoes would keep my legs looking like this, Iid never wear pants! Hehe. I hope you enjoy and look forward to reading all your messages. You guys are the best! Love Ya, Nikki ;)~

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Well we would all like to thank those that have left comments and e-mails to us...we are starting to make some very nice friends here. And those that think that you are men and leaving rude comments on the contri' me YOU ARE FAR FROM BEING REAL MEN...Why isn't your "hog" of a girl friend willing to do this? And for the last time we do not show faces because of the jobs that we hold, it's like the Playboy Magazine thingy of sometime ago...the one where a model was in her hubbies uniform and pic's of us has to deal with all the "bad" people out there...And for those of you that went to Vegas, we sure hope you had a great time...maybe we can make it next year...I know we talked about going this year, but things just come up. Take Care you all...

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