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I would like to explain the quandary that I, and I'm sure the other people who post here, have been faced with. When reading the comments to my postings, I mostly receive nice compliments. Then there are others. One person thinks there's too much scenery incorporated in the photos, another thinks the scenery is great. One person wants to see raunchier shots, another thinks a full frontal shot is unnecessary "porn" (you do realize what the intention of voy-zone is, don't you?). It brings to mind a phrase you may all be familiar with: You can't please everybody all of the time. With that in mind I'm going to continue to do what I have been doing. Taking and posting shots that I am comfortable with and that please me; because, after all, I'm the one who is risking criticism by posting nude photos of myself for millions of people to view (at no charge may I remind you). So, gentlemen, keep in mind the fragile self-esteem of mostpeople when you are commenting. And also remember that everyone is someone else's fantasy--just because you don't find a person attractive, doesn't mean nobody else will. If you don't like what you see, there's a magical little thing called a back button on your toolbar. This is especially intended for you homophobes--there's an M* by the contri title to warn youthat there is a naked maninside. You are obviously not illiterate because you are able to write your ignorant comments. So why exactly do you look ata contri that is so clearly marked as something you wouldn't enjoy? No comments show basically the same thing as negative comments so be kind or be quiet. Otherwise, post youremail address instead of hiding behind the anonymitythat the contributors give up. Thank you for your kind attention. By the way, the Part II contri was supposed to say "for Joe T." but that part was dropped. So, Joe, consider this one to be for you.

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Hi ya'll!! This it it. The end of a really long set, of a really long day!! Let's recap. We first were outside in the garden, then came inside for LOADS of fun. Hopped up on a bar, did myself with a couple different things...and I do mean different!! Then got handcuffed to a bar foot railing, got a few vibrarors put to me, then eaten out. When they let me up from there, I gave one of the photographers a BJ. Took a shower and am now towelling off. Now...that's a kick ass day!! And ya'll can see most of it from my site!! And guess what, I've just had another day like that one...only worse!! And we got it on video too! Get ready for more fun!!!

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