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Hello guys. I just want to say, because I am sure you don't hear it enough how great nudistis. This is the only place you can go and see REAL people enjoying sex. There is something here for matter what types of bodies or what types of sex you are interested in. I think everyone that contributes is great and I hope everyone will keep posting no matter what a few boobs on the BB say about how the site should be run. The guys and ladies running it are doing just fine, thank you. And remember....if just one person enjoys your made somebody's day. Ok off the soap box. These are to reply to several requests to show me cumming. These are from a video of mine and start just as I begin to cum and end as I am sort of beginning afterglow...hahaha..and ready to start again, ya know. Thanks guys. See ya,

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Importance: High Hi honey ! Surprise ! Guess who ?! Just waiting for you ! I love ya and I miss ya. Hi nudist'ers. Here is a 10 pic series that I did for my man. He is away on an extended project. I could have gone too except for the demands of my career, which is the same reason that I can't show my face. My guy logs to your site everyday, so I know that he'll be VERY surprised to see me, "TESS IN CHAINS". Please use that as the title. He's been encouraging me for a long time to let him send in pictures that he's taken of me. I figure that when he see's this that he'll remember to behave while he's away, 'cause he's already got the best waiting for him at home. Please keep the pic's in order because my man always says that a cohesive series makes it easier to buy in to the fantasy. My dancer girlfriend came over to help me with the styling, lighting, snapping the frames, and then polishing them up on the computer. We had such a great time. I got a lot of good ideas from her for our next shoot. Want to hear from all the erotic ladies and gentlemen of the naturist on the BB. Maybe they have some good ideas for our next shoot too. Also, if I'm gonna enter the contest, well I'd really like to win !! So folks, vote for me, vote early, and vote often. Hugs and Kisses. Please don't post me email address. Thanks.

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