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It was one of those blazing hot 100 degree plus days out in the desert when we wandered upon a little creek winding it s way down out of the mountains. The shade of the trees and the idea of getting my boots off and feet into the cool creek were too much to resist and soon I was sitting beside the creek and removing my clothes, hehe. You know me ;)~ At first I only meant to sit beside the water, but I slipped and went in anyway. Oh my God, you have no idea how cold the water was. Even in late August there s still snow in places along the Sierras, all of which apparently melt in to this creek and over my naked, goose-bumped skin, hehe. I hope you enjoy watching me cool off. For me it made the hike worth it.

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I cannot wait for classes at University to resume so I can escape the confines of suburbia! Being under the watchful eye of my folks has me longing for the privacy of my flat. I'm far too aware of my repressed urges. Simply put, it's awful to worry about being caught masturbating! I am such a dork, I swear LOL. I am thankful that I go back this week! I had prepared these photos as a follow-up to my last contribution when there were many requests here and on my site asking to see more of my bottom in those thong underpants. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make sure I leave no evidence of this on the "family computer." :)

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