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Best Birthday Ever! - Not too long ago, Erin and I headed out for my birthday. What started as a normal day quickly became the best birthday ever. We started at a club. Erin was in her smoking hot see-through top and everyone was transfixed by her. After a couple hours, she surprised me with our nest stop: the local strip club downtown. After coming close to a threesome with another patron, we headed home. By this time, Erin was irresistible! She got started in the car on the way home. Once we parked, she hopped on top of the 350Z shifter and drove that stick hard (who said you can't have sex in a 350Z?!?!). What follows are pictures from the way home and in the garage. Finally we headed up stairs and the pictures continue into the morning. Truly, it was the best birthday ever. Please vote and comment. We promise to read them all and reply.

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This picture set was taken by my Ex-Boyfriend when we were on vaca in the Bahamas. We rented a boat to go snorkeling for a few hours with a capt and mate. Only the two of us were in the water so I decided to surprise my ex by removing my bikini. Once it was off, I got one of the biggest scares of my life when realized I accidentally let go of my bikini thong and it floated away and that I would have to get back on the boat bottomless. Thankfully it floated over to my ex and he returned it to me, but not after a few minutes of nervous thrashing around as I freaked out looking for it. He caught these pics with his underwater camera.

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