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I was digging through a box of clothes the other day trying to find a Hypercolor shirt I inherited a few years ago and no matter where I looked it seems to have disapeared. I was throwing my stuff left and right and David was making fun of some of the outfits I own because I have a lot of crazy shit and am always hitting thrift stores for cheap finds. We got distracted when he picked up this shirt and suggested it as a sequel to my last set of pics in that '63' shirt. He was giving me hella shit for how many times he's taken pictures of me in something that had a number on my top or bottom. Looking over some of the stuff I've posted here or on our site I really do have an astronomical amount of numbered clothing! If only I could put my limited talents to use in the sporting arena, right? I suggested he hate 50% less on the player and 20% more the game and between hanging off the side of the bed upside down and trying to explain the math to him my head was hella hurting.

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