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Hi naturist Crew and Viewers, Tabu and I have been being lazy on our Contri's. Getting to involved in life I guess. Again, Hi Sailor! Thanks for your nice comments. To those that don't like Tat's or boots or anything else that we post; shut the F**K up! Tabu isn't Trailer Trash! She is my wife! I love her very much! It bothers me more than her. If you don't like it, just move on to the next contri just like I do! To the rest of you good people out there, if you leave an e-mail address we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We love this site and you a**holes that don't have a life ordicks can kiss our a**'s! Somewhere in Florida

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Greetings, fellow perverts, STCLa€™s hubby, here! As usual at the start of a new year, Ia€™m posting a couple of retrospectives of my slutty housewife, aka South Texas Cock Lover, this time with a bit more creativity. True story a€“ on our second date fourteen years ago, it happened to be my birthday and she was visiting me in Dallas. I was divorcing my first wife, the devil, and STCL had just graduated college a€“ I told her before we ever met that my next woman must be sexually adventurous and do whatever I tell her to do while allowing me to take pics/videos to be published on the a€?net. Guess what she gave me for my birthday that year? A digital camera! The message was clear and this is the result, fourteen years of sexual perversion a€“ ELEVEN of them on RC/HC/Nudists. Each of these clips has been published in full length here and is by now available via Naturists, so stroke up and DO keep sending pics/vids of YOUR slutty women a€“ I use them, too, you know!

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