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Highlights of my day: Discovered a bag of chocolate on my desk from my boss. How rad is that? Sang along to old Misfits songs. (I listen to them a lot, but I rarely sing along anymore) I posted new pics of myself here, and I'm worried that these are not very good. Is that a highlight? Oh well. My fucking face makes me sick sometimes. *sniff* I'm a self depricating drunk. But that 's not a highlight either. Maybe I should stop. Maybe I'll start a bad list: I got drunk on a worknight...again...I'm an asshole Ok thats no fun at all. Let's start a good list again: I have extending an olive branch to someone I haven't spoken to in years. Maybe I shouldn't post these things when I'm drunk. Maybe I should stop drinking...

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Sarah Fun/Trouble Part 2 - I"m not done complaining about that asshole I call my boyfriend. It's been 2 weeks since the last time I was ranting and raving on here, and I'm getting really tired of this. He really knows how to get on my nerves. Everytime I get angry he gets quiet. You see...He tricky. Sometimes in the middle of my yelling, he puts his head down and tells me that I'm right, faking a sob. This I can't stand. He tries to reverse it, and make me out to be the bad one. "Why do you treat me like that?" he says. Geez, what a drama queen. I really don't know what to do sometimes. The other day, he told me that knows women so well. He thought he was so clever and said smiling; "The reason women start fights so much, is because it's the only thing they win at 90 percent of the time." I'm sure some of you men out there would agree, but the truth is; We never win! You always gets your way in the end! =( Ok, maybe I have to stop being so dumb? When he leaves and goes back to Italy, I'm gonna have some serious thinking to do. I too keep secrets, but only becAuse he doesn't let me do what I want to do. I never told him that he can't do anything. I know now that I can never tell him about this site. He would just hold that over my head. I can never tell him about voy-zone. I will never tell him about voy-zone. ;)

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