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Hugs Sailor and all! Tis dixie and Last Outlaw. This is our first fetish contri since the New Year and we wanted to do something a little different. We opted for some “fun with balloons.” We had heard about balloon fetishes, but hadn’t experimented with the colorful latex wonders – until now. We even invited a friend over to watch. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a great ice breaker. Earlier that day, LO had dropped by a party store and picked up a few packages of balloons of assorted shapes, colors and sizes. They included 12- to 15-inch round ones, long twisty ones and 18-inch giants. Blowing them up proved to be quite a breathtaking feat. Dizzying in fact. *grin* Once they were inflated to full size, it was time to really put them to use by squeezing and shaping them, sucking and snapping the tied-off ends, as well as riding and sitting on them, which of course led to the ever-popular “popping” experience. There’s nothing quite like having a giant orange balloon explode underneath you. It’s unnerving – and exhilarating - at the same time. Although we didn’t get off with the balloons, they certainly provided a great lead in to the sexual shenanigans that took place later that night. Don’t worry. We took pics of that as well and will be sending them into voy-zone in the near future. Btw, this contri will most likely arrive too late for the contest, but that’s ok. It was loads of fun anyway.

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