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Happy New Year Kate, Jerry, Asher, Blue, Crew and all you voy-zonebers! You cannot imagine how awesome it was to win the Super Sexy Award for December. Thank you so much all for the votes, support, and your wonderful comments, both on my feedback board, and on the bulletin boards. You guys rock! ;)~   2004 was my 5th year posting pictures to naturist and it is still a blast every time I see my photos posted. Every year we take 1000s of shots and I share my very favorite here, but not all of them. Some of the others are decent pictures, but for whatever reason they never make it to naturist. Maybe there are too few for a whole contri, or maybe they are too much like my last contri, or maybe the set goes straight up on my PA site, while others shots come here. Well this year I thought I would try to share the whole year in a couple of contris made up of my favorite shots you may not have seen. I hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane! If you like my pictures and would like to see me more often, check out my ProAdult Site by following the link in this contri. With new updates every ten days or so, there is always something new and exciting to keep your interest. So grab your favorite vice, and come join me! Love Ya, Nikki ;)~

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I'm pretty new to this but have a great photographer! I know a lot of guys might not like bigger girls, but I believe that curves are classic and I would have loved to have been a pinup girl back in the 40's. I like rockabilly music and flashy but feminine outfits and lingerie. I just started posing for pics, and I've gotten pretty naughty by myself so far, and if people like me, I might get a friend or two to start posing with me too for some nudistpics. If you like these, I have more at . I want to thank my friend Jen for making such a cute site for me! Thanks! This is my first post on naturist hope I did it right!

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