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Hello......I was mostly pleased with the response that I got from my first submission (Some pics I hope you like...), and yes, I do have 3 kids and I'm 33 years old. I have a 10 year old boy, a 7 and 5 year old girl. And yes, I obviously have had a boob job. My boobs looked pathetic after breastfeeding 3 kids, they were ruined! They were small to begin with, but after the last one, they were left small and saggy!!! So off to the plastic man I went. I know that some may not like them (big), but hey, I wanted my money's worth! I now feel a lot better about myself having a little 'up top'. Anyway, enough of that! I hope I didn't overstep myself in submitting 'pee pics', but I think it's kind of fun to stand up and aim it around like a boy. If comments stay nice, I have lots more to send, and a lot more explicit, we'll see how it goes....Sorry I didn't get back to those that have written in the comments, I just got back from a small trip.

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Hello Again Kate & Crew, As always, I want tothank you again for running such a fantastic site. The response to my friends Chantell & Janine was very mixed. Alot of people who seemed to love the pics and those negativeASSHOLES who have nothing better to do than to COMPLAIN about everything! Yes they both have had breast enhancement surgery, so what? If you do not like the look then go on to the next contribution!At any rate, this is my friend Janell and she is a 100% natural beauty! I only have about 10 more pictures of her that I will submit later unless the negative ASSHOLES bitch about her also. Sorry about the complaining, just can not believe how negative some people can be. None of these women have to post pictures here! PDPMEA

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