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hi, it's me - yvonne. thanks A LOT for your compliments and very, very, very lovely comments! it's unbelievable - really! yes - i cover my face! i don't like it, too, but i do this for my own protection. hope you understand it! some of you want to know something about me. i'll answer the faq's: i'm married, have no childs and was born at the first of november. i'm from germany, live in regensburg and munich. and i try to answer EVERY comment. but i need time... some of you search for part one four of 'my history'. take a look at: - yvonne is back: exposed in public, 12. april - part one: (yvonne, my history) free style photos, 15. april - part two: (ymh) exposed in public, 13. april - part three: (ymh) exposed in public, 15. april - part four: (ymh) free style photos, 17. april - part five: (ymh) exposed in public, 18. april voy-zone: yvonne is back, 12. april (ok, kate??) and now - with a little delay: my x-mas 2001 - enjoy! kisses - and take kare, ...to be continued...

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