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PART ONE - "LILY" Dear voy-zone, Here are some shots of mygirlfriend Lily taken four years ago when she was in her early 20's. It'sunfortunate that I had to hide her face because she's got an extremely cute,extremely sweet face. I haven't told her yet that I've sent these in, butI may if I get the right sort of response. Lily really enjoys being forcefullydominated, and she frequently fantasizes about being taken by total strangers.I think she'd really enjoy it if the fans of the voy-zone wrote to herpersonally and told her what these photos make them want to do to her. AndI've got to tell you, she likes it extra kinky and really dirty. ***wedeleted the email addy..use bb please...we never publish email addys..triedit out three times and have created a mess three times...more than 1 millionpersons viewing this contri within 7 days are no joke!**** I'll pass the good ones on to Lily. Title this contribution "Lily".

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Hey to all of you who have been following My Lady Venus and those who haven't. For the Freestyles Section we have put together a few samples of her different personalities just to remind you who she has been and who she will be coming up as soon. We have lots of fun running all over the place taking picts and she really enjoys turning people on with her different looks. The sex is always SO HOT afterwards. She has enjoyed reading all the nice comments and looks forward to pleasing all of you some more. Don't forget to vote and also check her out on her new and improved website

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