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Angela and The Biker - "A very hot weather in july in Rome, the only solution was go out and take pics along the Great Circle Freeway which turn round the City . I called a friend knew on the web and he came "hurry" with his motorbike. It's was very funny to watch cars go slows behind me. Fortunately no incident!! We will be after August 20 in the north east of italy and then Austria and Slovakia. Is there any girl who want to meet me to take interesting pics and.....Caldo tropicale a Roma, l unica possibilita e alleggerirsi il più possibile, cosi ho chiamato un simpatico ragazzo conosciuto in rete che mi ha messo a disposizione la sua bella moto in modo da poter fare qualche scatto insieme lungo il tratto che costeggia l'Ardeatina. C'era un pò di traffico, ma il rallentamento non so se fosse dovuto a qualche incidente o all'improvvisato set. Dopo il 20 Agosto saremo in zona Friuli e poi Austria e Slovacchia se qualche ragazza birichina vuole unirsi insieme a me per farmi da....Cicerone, l'aspetto a braccia aperte!!"

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First,we want to thank everyone who left the wonderful comments on the 17th contri. Even the ones who are still in search of their own idenities. Many didn't believe that linda was 51, and had 7 grandchildren. But honestly-She is and does.She is very family devoted and my best friend. Linda is the model, and does the digital images, and I do the photography. In this contri we are trying to express one of Linda's sensual sides, that I enjoy very much. hehe. We hope you enjoy them. All of the photos were taken in our bedroom, and kitchen.And Linda created the backgrounds. We would appreciate your votes and comments, and if you leave your e-mail we will do our best to return it. Thanks naturist for letting us express ourselves.

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