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As a naturist regular its been my dream to contribute to this wonderful site ...and after a good bit of trying my wife has finally agreed to do a photoshoot for naturist. The pics were taken on holiday in Spain recently..She's in her mid 50's and this was also the 1st time she's ever wore a thong. Can we call her Rita for the entire contri ? Pic1 After a night out Rita gets undressed. Pic2 Peek a Boo..the sheets are slipping. Pic3 Its getting Hot in Here. Pic4 There's a Full Moon Rising. Pic5 Bottoms Up. Please do not show our e-mail addy or use her real name as she took a bit persuading to allow this...but if it goes well she gets nice comments they're could be better pictures to come ok....thanks

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My holidays sucked! I had to come in to the office even though my boss and half the staff were on vacation. My hot co-worker even skipped out! I was pretty fucking psyched though that he left a gift in my box! Hehe not that way perv LOL. He got me the new Modest Mouse CD which I've been rockin out to. With so few peeps in the office I got brave surfing nudistand working on my website there. If they check our systems I'm so sacked and not in a good way LOL. I went away for part of new years weekend though and was able to take some new pics. I got pretty wasted with friends but it sucked that I didnt meet anyone worth hooking up with, which is always the case when I'm craving dick! Fuck, I seriously might need my hot co-worker to stuff another kind of gift in my box real soon. :)

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