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Dear friend again here, Rome is a great city with many places to visit. Close to the lungotevere Aventino is the little round temple erroneously called the Temple of Vesta (real is into Roman Foro). It also dates from the end of the II Century and is the oldest marble edifice to survive in Rome. Couples are welcome for holidays and pics. Ecco un altra tappa del nostro viaggio alla scoperta delle bellezze della capitale che si prospetta ancora lungo e denso di sorprese(abbiamo scoperto di non essere piu i soli a Roma). Se qualche altra coppia di ciceroni si vuole aggregare e la benvenuta. Un saluto ad Irene e Riccardo di Torino e ad Alessandra e Stefano di Roma (ma dove siete stati fino ad adesso?)

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Kate, Hello from Minnesota !!! This is my first contri ever. I decided to skip the mild stuff and cum right to voy-zone. It was my golden birthday yesterday (22nd) and a friend of mine (we've decided just to use each other for emotional ties) called and said I needed to stop by at lunch because she had a present for me. When I pulled up in front of her house, she came running out to my van in JUST a robe. She took it off....and you can see what happened. I know you will very interested in the last one..... There are only four in this set, but they get right to the point. I have 6 more....depending on the comments. Her name is Hannah and she's 20. The party??? SMILE IGOR!!! .......

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