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Laura, 35, italian horny wife, again here on naturist. Second posting of this series "secret room"...actually there are more than one room, some of these pics are taken during my travels, also outdoor...but I mean the secret room is the hidden side of my soul,my unexepressed wish of exhibitionism... Some people asked for pussy shots, actually I posted a couple in previous contri, but they remained unpublished... sorry, don't know why...maybe too hot.... I hope you enjoy these 10 new pics, from our personal collection....thanks in advance for comments..all pics by my hubby Maurizio. New pics cummin' soon.. Bye and love.... Un altro contributo dalla stanza nascosta della mia personalita';e solo un pò di esibizionismo, non siate troppo cattivi con i commenti. Ciao e grazie a tutti gli italiani! Please post in Private Shots...PDNPMEA

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Hello Kate, Asher, Sailor, Caine & crew. It's a little quick for another contri, but Dawg was so pleased with this set, he just had to share! We're hearing from so many nice people out there. It's so nice to know that the men, women and couples of naturist land appreciate the qualities of an "older" woman. Thank you all so very much for all of your kind words, the compliments are so good for a 46 year old ego :) We try to respond, but find that many times the E-mail address is incorrect or incomplete and they come back. Thanks naturist crew, we're having a great time! Please post in order in PS. Kisses, Pics by Dawg

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