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Continuing my contribution earlier this month on naturist, I have made my way to voy-zone hoping to give you a preview into my lifestyle. Like I said before, this is all out of fun. Anyone else into fun things? Please feel free to contact me by E-mail (which by the way, you can get on my front page. =) Yep, that's right, you don't need to sign up, just drop by and say hello. Being 24, and living in such a small town, it's hard to meet people here. So, with that said, I have nothing to do, but take more and more pics, and E-mail my friends. Let me know if you want to chat! Hope you do. Betty

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Hello Everyone! Welcum back to the 'World of Misti!" This is a first of the Series from my Vacation in late June 2002. They start at our Home in Minnesota then we head West toward California. Then on the return trip we pass through the Southwest on our return to Minnesota. Along the way we stopped at many attractions and will share them with you. A lot of the pictures the scenery is very beautiful. I will explain the area the pics were taken as we submit them. Some will be in "Exposed in Public. Some in "Free Style or "Private Shots.' The most explicit will be only in "voy-zone." Those of you who enjoy the charm of an older woman will truly enjoy my voy-zone Contri's. Those of you who really enjoy just putting down a woman, I'm sure, will enjoy as well!!! Actually I've already submitted some vacation pics in my "Misti Flashing Truckers" Series. But, with this Contri we will show me leaving our home and at a Rest Area in Southern Minnesota. Well enough said. I hope you enjoy my Vacation! As always, Kisses,

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