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Hi Guys & Gals. Cherrie here. I was telling you all about the day Alyssa and I took pics all day then grabbed a hotel room to wind down in...we saw Alyssa in the hot tub...well, that refreshed her and she started to get dressed so we could go out. Always ready for a photo opp, I had her do some poses for you all in just her panties. Hope you like them. Have you been to Copulation Station? It's my new couples site where it's all about sex and I'm glad to say it's up and running. I'll have new couples all the time so be sure to visit often. I'll also be updating the Harem soon so drop by there as well. Can you handle that much porn? (Say "Sure") See you later. Hugz,Cherrie

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The Deal gets Done - After a frustrating time in the city's one way streets, Rose miraculously managed to find a reasonably convenient place to park. Just as she was about to enter the offices of the prospective client her phone rang again. She sat on the steps to take the call and was amazed to hear her boss say that her company would forgo the exclusivity clause that was the main sticking point in getting an agreement in the past. She knew that she now had a decent chance of landing the contract if she could just persuade them that she was the right person to act as the liaison between the two companies. ……. Some time later she emerged from the office with the contract safely in her briefcase, and an assurance from the CEO that he would enjoy doing business with her anytime. He was a sweetie really, and so attentive! She was all thumbs when it came time to sign the papers, and twice dropped her pen! It was so gallant of him to get down on his knees and spend what seemed like minutes searching around under the table to get the pen for her. When he finally found it, it was right down there on the floor between her legs! Rose found a cafe where she sat down and finished her notes from the meeting, and then phoned her boss to let him know that she had closed the deal. Rose was elated, her first really important assignment, and she had done the deal! As she drove back to her hotel it occurred to her that she had the rest of the day to herself as things had gone so quickly with the negotiations. There was no point in driving home today so she might as well enjoy the luxury of a free hotel room while she could. It's not every day that a girl gets to really indulge herself! … to be continued in Part Three Rose @--}----

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