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Hello, How are you all ? Here everything is fine and lots of couples and girls are asking us to set up gang bang for them. We hope you will still be there when we'll post their pictures..!!! As we promise in the last contri, here is Aur lie. You saw her in HTIP 33. She became really greedy after her first threesome and ask for a gang bang with 5 guys..!! We really enjoy doing her and hope you'll enjoy watching her... Thank you for your appreciation and comments. Let us just give a little advice to the people who comment each part of each of our contri by saying : "Stop posting"-"we are tired" etc... Hey guys, just be a little more clever than your pet : STOP WATCHING...!!!!!!!!!!! This contri is in 5 part from 35 A to 35 E. Have fun.

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*Cr Elise Across The Street On Her Bike - Hello to everybody! Specially to Kate, Blue and all naturist Staff Last spring we had the great idea to realize this contri. We were me, Mauro and 5 friends known in naturist since years. Everyone had a task: drive a car, make a film, take pics, run next to me and make more pictures. This time has been more fan than ever. I have tested how mutch better is to make things in good company than by ourselves. If you think it?s worthy, write me your comment and vote me many many times Wet kisses to your lips Yours Elise Ciao a tutti quanti, fans sfegatati, intimi amici, belle donne?ciao a tutti insomma! Sono tornata con un contri strepitoso fatto a Lecco la scorsa primavera in compagnia di un allegra banda di amiconi/e che ha contribuito a scattare foto, guidare una macchina e a sostenere me. Ammetto che cos? tanto non mi ero ancora divertita perch? in compagnia ? tutto molto pi? bello. L?idea ? venuta a Mauro e lo ringrazio tanto tanto tanto. Un ringraziamento speciale anche a Mara, Stefania, Andrea, Paolo, Giorgio. Scrivete le vostre impressioni e mettete il vostro indirizzo e-mail nei commenti, votatemi tantissime volte. Un bacio speciale per coloro i quali mi seguono da anni? chiss? che ci si possa incontrare un giorno! Vi abbraccio e vi strizzo come calzini smack!!! Vostra Elise

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