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I am working on my tan so we did some photos to see how it was progressing. Spring and Summer are just around the corner and I want to be ready for outdoor shooting. We plan trips to our local naturist resort each year and I want to look good walking around naked in front of all those people. There is no sex aloud at the resort that we go to but one time I did get laid in the restroom. John was talking to some friends around the pool and I went to the restroom. While in there this guy came in and we started talking. He said he had been watching me all day and thought I was the best looking girl here. The next thing I knew he was fucking me. I told John about it and he thought it was great. The guy has since been to our place for more fucking. Will post pics soon. Kisses, Heather.

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Hi! I hope I got your attention in my last Contri! As you can see, I got Jim's . Obviously I love sex and sexual attention. After we got done with part one of this set, I really thought we were done...I wiped my breasts with a towel and went to the computer to check out the pictorial. Before I knew it, Jim was looking over my shoulder...massaging my neck, then my arms....then my breasts. Soon we were ready for round two. I love being on top....and on my knees....whew! Hope you enjoy! Please, check out my site for more fun times! Kisses,

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