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*Gg Jan 3-Girl Bedroom Fun nudistVersion - Well the Free voy-zone version of this set didn't seem to get a very good reaction, a lot of people complained it was "staged"... lol. The point was, that we were having fun .. it wasn't meant to be mega serious. I was also a bit pissed at the attitude of some who believed they had a RIGHT to see pictures of our pussies. Seems there is no getting away from the idiots. It's reactions like this that make me think "whats the point ?". Rob and I have said this many times before .. but there really should be some accountability for comments. People who comment should have their email verified before they can submit. It really is a simple piece of code to do this, come on naturist crew lets get this sorted, you'd save a great deal of time not having to deal with Alerts.. Anyway .. here are some of the ruder pictures. The full set will be available on my site. Jan x

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Now that the new baby is starting to give us a few naps during the day, Ian and I decided to get a little playful with some role-playing, dress-up fun. We also just got a new digital camera, so instead of doing stills from video, we got some great hi-res pics done this time. You can actually see a little mother's milk dripping from my nipples in on of the shots the resolution is so good. We shot a ton of pics in this series, you can see the rest along with recent milking and late pregnancy pics and videos at my voy-zone/ProAdult site, Hope you enjoy them, I always have so much fun taking these pics knowing what some of you are thinking while looking at them *hee hee*! Lots of Love,

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