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hi everyone, i'm 34 years old and a first time poster. i've been a big fan of this website for a while, i love the amateur postings and have long wanted to do posts of my own. finally, i have met my 18 year old girlfriend who loves to be showed off as much as i love to show her off. we are both very excited about posting these and if the feedback is good, we would love to post some more. If the feedback is great, we might consider posting video clips! these two pictures i took of her while she was partially distracted, in the first one, my baby was just relaxing on the bed when i decided to take pictures of her. the second one, she was on the phone, and i decided then would be a perfect time to take a picture of my pretty little girl's pussy. we both cannot wait for feedback and would love to hear from you.

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Hi Kate, Sailor and the rest of the team at Voyeur web Went out Friday night to meet some of the voyeur Webbers that were in town. Although wedidn't run into anythem we had a fantastic evening We got to show off for a lot of people It really turned me on and I'm sure I turned on some of them. The bartender did give me a warning after I showed him my tits Saying the security cameras might not like it prudes. Idid get a chance to take some pictures from the parking garage as we left. Some of them are notmy favorite pictures, but hey they all can't be. It did turn me on to here the elevator door opening. The man that cam out, would not pose with me, imagine that. But he did have a big smile on his face as he watched the hole shoot. Stating "only in Vegas" Love ya :)

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