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Thanks everyone for your great comments on my previous contris ; ) I received a couple of requests that I hope to satisfy with this contri. I was asked to 1) do a sequential contri stripping and 2) send in close-ups of my "goodies". For those of you who always ask where I get my lingerie, this set is from Victoria Secretions. I have noticed that there are is a small handful of the same viewers who always leave mean comments (and never can spell correctly) on almost every girl on this site's contri. While we may not be what you are looking for, there's no need for rudeness. There's a little button that says "next contri." Use it. Simply vote lousy and move on. I realize that 5 negative remarks out of 200 is not the problem of the contributor but instead a problem with the reviewer. I understand the need for criticism but do it in a mature constructive way. To the contris who receive the mean comments, keep posting. To the reviewers (who never leave a name), post your own pics so we can give you our opinion.

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I was digging through a box of clothes the other day trying to find a Hypercolor shirt I inherited a few years ago and no matter where I looked it seems to have disapeared. I was throwing my stuff left and right and David was making fun of some of the outfits I own because I have a lot of crazy shit and am always hitting thrift stores for cheap finds. We got distracted when he picked up this shirt and suggested it as a sequel to my last set of pics in that '63' shirt. He was giving me hella shit for how many times he's taken pictures of me in something that had a number on my top or bottom. Looking over some of the stuff I've posted here or on our site I really do have an astronomical amount of numbered clothing! If only I could put my limited talents to use in the sporting arena, right? I suggested he hate 50% less on the player and 20% more the game and between hanging off the side of the bed upside down and trying to explain the math to him my head was hella hurting.

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