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Hey gang, I love all the fun that the naturist has added to our sex life. We both love to take the pictures, and to be able to read the responses of people from all over the world.......about my wife! I obviously enjoy it a bit more than her though. During a recent trip to Bermuda we were both feeling horny, and the set of 24 pictures I took shows it too! She was really into posing for these knowing that I would send in the good ones to Kate and the world. Here is 4 of them for now, she wants to save the real nasty ones for the best response on the BB and I agree. We WILL respond to all. Hope all the horny guys and girls enjoy her fully.....I DO!

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Hi Kate and crew!! Hey everyone!! While on Christmas holidays, TC and I went to to Texas and we met up with Sushi, Supergal, Superguy, and Studmuffin. Sushi and I had never met before, and when we first saw each other we went right up to each other and started talking like we have known each other for years. It was really strange in a GOOD way!! Sushi has never been with a girl before (or so she said) LOL You could have fooled me. I must have made her feel really comfortable. hehehe We had the dance floor pretty much to ourselves at this club we went too. The owner seemed to enjoy the show!! We have a set for voy-zone too. I will be putting all of our pictures together and Sushi's pictures that TC took on the Hot Spot. It has voy-zone access, so be sure and check them out. Sushi is very photogenic and I am happy to be able to feature her on the site. *smile* Hugs Sushi!!! Love,cherokee

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