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Cleveland! I never thought I would visit Cleveland! From opening day with the Tigers, we cruised to the NBA playoffs. Guess who's jersey I had to buy? Maybe it's a little snug and short on me, thoughts? We stayed with some friends, but I couldn't convince her to join in, damn. The "activities" after the game were much more interesting than basketball. I had to go easy on the furniture...we messed it up a little bit. The men in the house were much happier than the Cavs, when they saw my pics! It was the "fee" I had to pay for their hospitality. I hear there is a Stanley Cup may be my next destination. Go Wings?

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Birthday Party Invite - My husband & I went to San Diego for a long weekend and stayed at a really nice suite hotel. On Friday afternoon the suite at the end of our floor was having quite a party, so we went down to see if we could crash it. Turns out it was a bunch of salesmen having a birthday party for their sales manager. They invited us in, but I was hesitant since I would be the only female. But they were really nice and assured me that they would be gentlemen. The guys all complimented me on my outfit, a pretty sheer top and a jean mini skirt, and I totally loved all the attention! One of the men said that since it was actually a birthday party, they asked (begged) if I would get into my "birthday suit" for them. I was really terrified and said "no way" but they all pledged to be gentlemen and my husband said it would really turn him on to see me get totally naked for a room full of total strangers. One of the men got out his camera and said he would document me "getting into my birthday suit" and give us the memory card with the pictures so that my husband could enjoy the pictures over and over again. So now all the guys and my husband are begging me to "change" into my birthday suit, and my husband even said it would be the best present he ever got!! Well, as you can see, I got up my nerve and here are the pics.

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