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So after only a few brief contributions to nudistI'm starting to feel the love (so much appreciated) and I am enjoying reading your commentary and beginning to hear about all your twisted fantasies. We are all twisted in our own right, but I have chosen the "allure" and "tease" way of presenting myself. Throwing it all out there is just too easy - not my style. For those of you playing the home game - I'm a no BS kind of girl - yes, enhancements done a year ago, C cup, saline and only a small scar in my belly button. I love them and so do most people I know. Oh yeah, and my neighbor - great f*$%& masseuse. Vote big & vote often! Love, hugs and kisses - xoxo Aby-C

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Hey everybody, Randi got alot of good comments on her last contri. We hope these are enjoyed just as much. We've sent some to PS, Randi as Santa's helper. O.K. I know you guys & gals want more pics of Randi having sex or giving head. Well I'll be honest with you, when we're having sex or she's giving me head it's really hard to hold the camera and concentrate on taking pics. The reason being is she is ONE HELL OF A WOMAN, so when she says " put the camera down and FUCK ME " that's exactly what I do. I wouldn't want to disappoint her now would I. I'll try and do better with the pics, just give me some time. And before you ask, No I don't need any help with her, but thank you anyway.

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