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Thanks to all who left more than 1000 lovely messages to my last 2 contris. For those who requested, I'm enclosing a new set of pics that were taken on the night of my recently celebrated 46th birthday. Hope you enjoy and vote for me. If you like, post your messages; I love to receive comments from men and women. Kisses. Per quanti mi hanno inviato messaggi ( più di 1000 dopo gli ultimi 2 contributi) e richieste di nuove foto, ecco una serie di pose scattate recentemente, in occasione del mio 46° compleanno. Se vi piacciono, votatemi e altre ne seguiranno. Amo esibirmi e ricevere commenti, da uomini e donne. Baci.

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Hi....I am usually the spur of the moment type girl when it comes to picture taking. I started this particular shoot for the "cover theme" in the special econtri section. As I was in the process of getting some "covered" pics, I remember there was a "shaving" theme here, and the rest is history :o). This month is my 2 yr anniversary of posting here at naturist. I had planned on submitting several contris this month but have been busy. Next month I will more than likely submit those several I have planned :o). I am going to pass by on commenting on my own contri, because of uploading problems, so Sailor its all yours :o)...toodles

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