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Hi Kate and all you voyeurs! My name is Siena and this is my first contri. I am absolutely fanatical about public nudity, but didn't find out about your site until very recently. I am nip whenever possible and will document my exploits and post lots of contributions...but only if people leave nice comments! If you're mean, I will pout and leave! In fact, I recently started stripping just so I could walk around naked! I went on a little roadtrip with my girlfriend this weekend (yes, I like men too, but am unattached right now) to Captiva island, FL. My girlfriend loves watching me and photographing me NIP, but isn't into partaking (I'm working on her). I was naked in the car already, when we stopped at a truckstop so I could tinkle. I asked one of the truckers if I could pose with him...he was very accomodating! I will post my contri for when I arrived in Captiva soon!

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