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Kate, First things first, love your sight. It is the greatest and so are you. I have attached 3 pix of my 37 years young Italian-hot-ass-wife. She gave me the attached pixs for Valentine's Day this year. If I can, let me just say that everyday is Valentine's Day with her. She is amazing and I don't mean just her beauty or her sexy, very erotic, very provocative body and mind. She has also given me two wonderful kids, she keeps me centered, she keeps me smiling and most importantly as you will see from the attached pics, she keeps me hard. I asked her if I could post some of her pix and she said I could so long as it didn't show her face. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy her. By the way, did I mention that she loves girls?

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Jane and I live where the weather is very hot and humid. This being the case Jane never wears panties or bra so she is at a very high comfort level when we go out on the town....not to mention very sexy too. These photos were taken before we left to go out to a favorite restaurant and later to a niteclub here in our city. Sorry no pics ..didn't have my camera. Jane was quite a hit becausewhen the light shown just right behind her ,it was very evident she wore nothing under this dress. Also the dress buttoned down the front and Jane opened the dress really high from the bottom before we entered the establishment. Of course she "accidently" flashed a few surprised gents when she sat on a high bar stool. Was a fun night, :-)

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