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Thanks for the great comments on the ocean pole dance! She loved them, and will try to answer some and swap some pics. NEXT series Victoria has finally decided to reveal Victoria's secret! She will finally let you see what is under those tiny panties (or what isn't :) Hopefully these will get you warmed up for them! These were shot at a hotel last year when we visited South Strand in Florida! She loves tanning topless! We are planning on going to Hedo 3 this next year. Does anybody know when the best time to go when there will be a bunch of people there or any good contests or parties? Good comments and votes bring more pics, so keep em coming!

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Those of you who have been following Sandy's posts here on voy-zone and voy-zone know that she enjoys showing off her tight pink pussy. That's a good thing, because, I, for one, never get tired of looking at it and admiring its beauty. The only things better are licking it and fucking it! When we send a set of pictures of Sandy in her new white leather dress (accented with my orange necktie) to voy-zone last week, she commented that it was a shame that we had to hold back the "Really Good" shots from that set. Sandy said, "I bet the RedCloud members would enjoy seeing some pictures with my legs spread and my pussy open". "Yeah", I said, "but if we can give them the shot that shows your large tits AND your open pussy, that would be even better." So, that's the story behind the last shot in this set - - - one of our all-time favorites. Please let us know what YOU think!

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