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My lovely 50 yr. old wife wanted to experience another lover since it had been so long for her to be with someone else. I agreed under the condition that I be present and that the guy wear a rubber. She thought that that would inhibit her so we reached the compromise of her videotaping the event. The picture is not as good as I would have liked since the lighting was poor and it was a fixed camera angle but it still is hot. This is the beginning of the tape and if you want to see the rest I will post it if there is interest. Guy she picked was an old friend of hers that she had always wanted to sleep with but never did. He jumped at the chance to get at her. Again this is a 50yr old woman so if you like young women please do not post negative, mean comments.

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With spring FINALLY arriving here in the midwest, I was going through my closet and getting out my outfits for the nicer weather. I thought I would tease my husband a little and went prancing around in a skirt that I know he thinks is quite sexy. I flashed him a little leg to get his attention and then gave him a quick peek up my skirt to continue the tease. He quickly grabbed our brand-new digi-cam to get back at me for teasing him and started snapping some pictures as I continued my show. I don't know what happened, but something about him taking pictures of me, and the look on his face as I teased him, quickly got me all hot and bothered. I continued my tease in the bedroom with my favorite toy and ended up cumming quite hard as he watched and took pics. I then changed outfits into his favorite school-girl look and continued the tease by showing him my now very wet pussy. After a few more minutes of teasing I finally gave in and "rewarded" him for being such a good sport by sucking on his wonderful cock until he came hard down my throat. I was happy to see the pictures turned out well and so I thought I would send them in. This is my first contribution to this fun site, and the first time I have ever shown my picture on the web, so I am very nervous about all of this..... Could you please blur my eyes as I have a public job here in the Chicago area and don't want to be hassled about these pics. If you do recognize me, please show some class and keep it to yourself. If you send comments I will do my best to reply to them. Thanks much......

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