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Angelic Michele: Pussy And Cock - Hi Kate&Gang! Rcers! :) Here is the part two of the T&A series in naturist. Look some days back in GWS section if you missed them! Hopefully the title of these were warning enough that it would be Jere and I together. lol I dont think I mentioned that to you guys! Well, I do hope you will like these views....... I love when Jeres cock is in me! In any hole! *Smiles* Oh and then when he starts licking my asshole....geeezzz.... Remember to click the link at the top right of this page to get to my personal site! Lots of pics and vids there to view! Take care and chat with you guys and girls soon... Love, xx Michele

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Heres a few more pics from the same night, except we took these in the backyard. We still have more from that night and many from other nights. Were milling over some fantasy ideas too, we would love to hear some of yours. As we had mentioned before , she has a 16yr old son. His friends are too young but were contemplating finding a handsome young 18yr old for a possible upcoming contri. Havent worked out all the details, we mostly just get turned on talking about it and then get distracted... hehe.. but maybe having him be the photographer and then have a cameo in a few of the photos.. thank you all so much for the nice comments and votes , shes really getting a thrill outta this and it makes her feel special and attractive from all the nice things you all say, naturist fans are awesome...

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